Project Description

This henna design was done on a fellow artist at a henna conference. Henna conferences are awesome because everyone there really understands the importance of sitting still to have the best possible design done on you *and* trusts their fellow artists to just do whatever they’d like. This is how henna magic happens. You can create that henna magic by also sitting still and letting your artist create whatever they’d like 🙂

This design went insanely viral. I don’t really think it benefited me at all that it did, other than the pleasure I got out of seeing something I created become so popular, knowing people liked it. Often, people on their phones will show their artist this photo (or one that was inspired by it) and ask them to recreate it. You see, the thing is, it took probably a good half hour to do this relatively simple design. *That’s* how it looks so darn perfect. But mostly people who bring it up on a phone wanting it are either at a party where 5 minutes, or if we’re lucky, a whole 10-20 minutes, have been allotted for each guests… Us henna artists are generally agreeable and happy to oblige and do our best to serve your desires, so usually we’ll give it a shot… But even my own efforts to recreate it when people show me a 3rd-4th generation reinterpretation of this design on their phone (who have *no* idea I did the original) don’t live up to the original… Because the original took 30+ minutes on a perfectly still perfect model. And we’ve got maybe 5 minutes, and they keep chatting with their friend over their shoulder, or checking their phone, etc throughout the 5 minutes we have…

And that is my bittersweet tale of this design 🙂
If you’d like me to recreate it on you – please allow 30 minutes, 40 if you can’t quite sit still, for it to look this awesome!!!!!
Allow more like 45min to an hour and we can take it to beautiful levels of bridal fabulousness, like we did for the Shalom Bollywood Wedding.