Project Description

I really enjoyed doing this snow-inspired henna design for my good friend Monica! She wanted to have some snowy henna done to celebrate the snow that fell in Cairo, Israel, and elsewhere the Middle East last week. Appropriately, there was snow on the ground outside my studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island as well when we were doing this design.

The other two sources of inspiration for this design are Arabic style design, with its intricate boldness and flow, and a variety of mostly Victorian era and Victorian-inspired lace gloves, as seen on the recently aired first episode of the new Dracula TV series.

The background to this photo is actually my very own wedding dress – a poofy, princess-y, corseted overload of girliness that far exceeded girliness levels I had previously thought I could tolerate.

While I’m going on about what’s in the photo, I will also add that Monica is very fond of her opal and tanzanite ring, and it fit the frosty feel we were going for beautifully.

Oh! And I got video of the process of applying this! I’ll be much better about doing videos this winter than I have been for the past year and a half or so, I believe 🙂 Check it out here, and please let me know what you think in the comments!