Individual henna designs range $20-80ish, and the most of our hand designs are in the $30-45 range.
Arrive within the first hour that the festival is officially open for a much shorter wait time!
Contact us at least three days in advance to see if arriving before the official start time is possible – this is when there is the least line and the most chance for us to chat with you while doing your henna.

Always call/text at 617-429-6301 and/or check our Instagram for updates before coming to an event just to see us – sometimes things change at the last minute due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

2024 Festival Schedule

We are looking forward to returning to all our favorite festivals in 2024! This list will keep growing and changing as events provide details. Stay tuned. Add these Google Calendar events to your own calendar so that you get a reminder as the event approaches!

Henna artists at work The Henna by Heather team all doing henna for each other.