Project Description

I’ve been obsessed with Rococo henna for two and a half years now. It’s been fun incorporating these 18th century French elements into my henna designs. I think I’ve reached a point where the aesthetic comes through even when using mostly very standard elements. Some crucial things to note about this design are:

  • playfulness
  • asymmetry
  • use of scrolls and acanthus leaves in borders

That’s where the Rococo flair is coming from, and why it seems just a bit unusual, even though it’s made of such standard elements.

This style still does take some time to execute…about 1.25 hours per hand per side. It’s not as fast to bang out as the traditional Indian bridal hands I more typically do. The borders aren’t straight and the patterns don’t always make “sense” in the “normal” sort of way that becomes second nature for us henna artists. But I hope that perhaps some brides who love this style as much as I do will choose it for their wedding this summer.

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