Project Description

I had such a great time doing henna for the wedding of Purnima and her groom! They are both into graphic design and marketing, and had made the cutest logo for their wedding, which they referred to as Shalom Bollywood. The logo is a Jewish Star of David, with a Hindu Om at its center. The groom had this logo inside of a sun-inspired mandala for his own henna design. The bride loved all of the designs that were in my own favorite and perhaps signature style, with bands of intricate traditional mehndi filler, much of it in arches, with big, bold flowers in between and a serious dose of swirls and dots on the side. I switched things up a little bit, and did some innovation for her, adding long and skinny mini leaves along the edges of the larger areas, where normally in the past I have usually done the more standard mini rounded “humps”. It gave it a bit of a different look while still being true to the style that she told me she had fallen in love with 🙂

There’s a bit of a funny story that they told me when I got to the wedding, that I really want to pass on to you here! The bride booked me quite far in advance, and we really hit it off when we spoke on the phone. She really loved my style, and everything she pointed out to from my portfolio were the pieces that I felt were really truly “mine” and not particularly following one or another traditional style, and that was awesome! She booked nice and early. Well, as her now-husband is also a very creative person, he also wanted to be sure that they had henna for their wedding that they would be really happy with, and he was a bit concerned that she booked “some random person off the internet”… So he did his own extensive research, and presented her with the artist he thought would be the best fit for their wedding… and… guess what… it was still me! He told me all about this as I did his henna, and was so positive and complimentary of my work the whole time! Having me do their henna definitely added to this couple’s day and their story, and they made sure I knew it 🙂 I can’t thank them enough for making me feel so very appreciated. I can’t wait to see the photos from the wedding day itself, when these henna design stains were at their most beautiful!