I’ve put together some things that I hope will be useful to fellow henna artists:

Henna Design ebooks:

All of these design ebooks come with a license for the artist to use the designs in their own professional henna work. Artists are encouraged to use the designs themselves, as well as the pricing information provided, to help make their booth run more smoothly and be more profitable. Heather is happy to share over twenty years’ worth of experience as a henna artist, and help others to run successful mehndi design businesses. All of these books are available for purchase on our sister site where we also sell henna supplies, Artistic Adornment. Links on the book covers and titles will take you to a page with more details about each book.

15 dollar henna designs fifteen fabulous fast festival free

Artistic Adornments: $15 Henna Designs

These henna patterns are created with the working henna artist in mind. They keep the line moving and the customers happy at busy festivals!

Festival Henna

Simple Henna Designs for a Busy Booth

These high-impact, quick-speed henna designs are for hands, as well as simple motifs that can go anywhere, are our clients’ favorites. Includes a pricing guide to help professional henna artists price their work.

Festival Henna Designs - fast - pricing help pricing guide henna booth easy designs simple designs


Featuring henna designs from Mauritania and Western Sahara, these designs are also known as Sahraoui or Sahrawi style. These designs from North Africa west of Morocco are detailed, intricate, and geometric. Many still maintain a lacy sort of look. These were created to be done with a henna cone, “Moroccan style”, as they’d say in Mauritania, rather than in tape resist or with a syringe.

Artistic Adornments: $10 Henna Designs

Cute little designs for festivals at our henna booth’s lowest $10 price point. Each purchase of this and any of our ebooks includes a license for artists to use the designs in their own professional henna work.

Festival henna design ebook $10 ten dollar designs tenners

Trendy Mehndi III

Trendy designs to please the fashion-conscious henna client (and artist), designed for use at parties and festivals. Most of these designs were drawn either in direct response to repeated customer requests, or careful trendspotting research.


Henna patterns inspired by the beautiful Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder Colorado, built in and imported from sister city Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Jewelry and other metalwork, wood carvings, plaster carvings, paintings, and embroidery all provide inspiraton for this richly beautiful and unique collection. Heavily featured is what fellow artists have come to call “Dushanbe Style”, which is simplified, symmetrical, swirly knotwork inspired especially by the plaster carvings and ceiling paintings of the teahouse. It is closely related to, but not exactly the same as, other Persian and Persian-influenced knotwork.

Moroccan Henna Fusion

So many Moroccan henna designs we could find were too detailed to be completed practically in the sorts of fast-paced settings we professional henna artists typically work. This collection uses traditional Moroccan elements and layout concepts, but keeps designs simple enough to be done at festivals and parties.

Rococo Henna

Inspired by a three year period where Heather was (and arguably still is) obsessed with Rococo style art from France in the late 18th century, in the time period leading up to the French Revolution. The opulent asymmetrical, fantastical designs are inspired by wood carvings, ceramics, metalwork, enamel work, and more, and are drawn based on photos Heather took at the MET museum in NYC and the RISD museum in Providence, both which have beautiful collections.

Festival Henna Fusion Favorites

These designs are among the ones of ours to go the most viral on the internet. Many ride that line between traditional Indian henna and fun and funky American festival patterns where we find our henna happy place.

Brides, Blossoms, and Bellies

Does this seem like a very broad and random title? It is! We were trying to do one book on belly designs, and another of bridal designs, but found it hard to finish either one… so in the name of finishing, we combined them into one book. It is our worst selling book to date, and these patterns are very underutilized / underappreciated. But if you’re looking for beautiful floral patterns for brides and prenatal mamas that can be executed in an hour or less, this book does have what you’re looking for!

Henna Patterns

aka Beginner Henna Designs

This is our very first ebook… where it all started. The patterns are moderately festival-friendly, and generally a bit simpler than what’s on the cover, which was just The Image that I used to promote my business at the time, before I had many good photos to draw from (or a photography certificate from RISD). All designs are palm designs that do not extend past the wrists.

Henna Mandalas

There are a lot of different mandalas in this book, inspired by traditional Indian, Tibetan, and Moroccan patterns. The lackluster cover was created by a hired graphic designer many years ago, but we swear the mandalas inside are among our top selling designs at festivals. Some day we’ll get around to redoing the cover….but if you’re reading this… not yet.

Erin Go Bragh

These designs are our answer to what kind of henna we should do for Saint Patrick’s Day and all of the Irish festivals that happen in and around Boston and Rhode Island, including our favorite Celtic Rock Festival of Newport (RIP). There is NOT a lot of knotwork in here, and that is 1000% intentional. Knotwork is terrible to do freehand. It takes forever to do, and still never comes out quite right. There is archaeological evidence that even the ancient Celts used ancient equivalents of graph paper to create these designs. So, since henna professionals (almost) exclusively create their artwork freehand, this ebook shows you a bunch of options for what else you can do to keep the Irish Festival crowds happy while not tearing out your hair and crying in despair.




Printed books from major publishers:

Mehndi for the Inspired Artist: 50 contemporary patterns & projects inspired by traditional henna art
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