Project Description

Henna is becoming more and more popular for weddings with a bohemian vibe. Combine some beautiful, traditional, intricate henna with some bold silver jewelry for a strong statement look! Rich colors and patterns also add to the feel of the look. The henna in this photo is inspired by the Indo-Arabic work that was so popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s (the beginning of my henna career!), popularized by artists like Asha Savla. While I wasn’t looking at any particular image as I created these designs freehand, you can still feel that inspiration in the designs. The layout feels quite Arabic (flowy with plenty of negative space), but most of┬áthe elements are decidedly Indian (paisley/mango/ambi, humps, etc).

This exact design, including the very simple palms, took about 1.5-2 hours to do at a relaxed pace while chatting with a friend. As I was not in work mode, and also a bit out of practice with this relatively oldschool style, trying to remember how to do it as I went, I’m pretty sure I could get it down to 1-1.5┬áhours with a bit more practice. So that’s the number you should have in mind if looking at this as an option for your own wedding.