Project Description

I’m posting this photo as a prime example of what bridal henna can be done in a two hour appointment. It’s got full coverage on the palms, using moderately intricate repeating elements, and much lighter coverage on the backs of the hands. Importantly, it’s made up of elements that are my favorite go-to bits that I am particularly accurate *and* quick with. You can have pretty cool henna in two hours – it’ll to to your wrists, will be lighter on the backs of the hands than on the palms, and you will have to trust me 🙂 Also, to get this much done in two hours while maintaining this quality, it’s key that we be sitting at a standard height (ie kitchen / dining room) table, at a corner from each other, with my right elbow resting on the table, and that the lighting be great.

And now for a little more about the appointment and the bride!
This henna was done for one of a pair of sisters – both got married in the same summer, and both had their henna done by me 🙂 They were *super* sweet, and their mother and grandmother were both around to be supportive, and they ensured that the chai kept flowing 🙂 (Man, it was good chai!) The stain photo was taken at the mehndi party with family and friends, 1-2 days later. Both sisters followed my suggestion for getting optimal color, getting their henna done 2-3 days before the wedding ceremony itself, so that it would be nice and dark for the wedding day photos.

Two Hour Bridal Henna

Two Hour Bridal Henna

Two Hour Brical Henna - Palms - Stain

Two Hour Bridal Henna – Palms – Stain