Project Description

This bride was a real joy to work with! She came to me with very concrete designs of what she wanted. Actually, she had spent many hours researching her henna, and is an artist herself. She drew up these patterns herself, and asked me to interpret them for her. I really stayed very true to her original design, with the interlocking Star of David, the swirls and vines, and even the mini pomegranates.

I knew she had done a good job of her research when she told me she had been looking at the research of Noam Sienna to learn about Jewish henna traditions. I imagine that some bits of the design are strongly inspired by him and his research, but she didn’t show me any particular images of his, just her own drawing.

Here’s what the mother of the bride opted to have done on one hand. This wedding was one of quite a few this summer where the family of the bride enjoyed getting something thematically and visually related to her design:

משפחה Simple  Jewish Henna Design

משפחה Simple Jewish Henna Design