Project Description

This is the henna I did on myself on New Year’s day 2015! Thanks to lots of open space and big bold leaves, doing my left hand using my right only took about 30 minutes. Doing my right hand using my left took much, much longer – maybe an hour. Typically henna done with my left hand takes about twice as long and looks about half as good right now. I’m working on training up my left hand so that one day they are equal! Just two years ago, I couldn’t do anything worth sharing with anyone with my left hand, and now at least I can do this! The hand that is on the bottom here is my right done with my left. Of course the henna done with my good hand is the showcase.

As I was on a mission to do both sides of both my hands, I kept the henna on for just one hour on each, hence the lighter color than I typically get. Still not too bad, though!