Project Description

I did this henna for my friend and fellow henna artist Donna of Barefoot Henna. She took a Caribbean vacation and wanted to get totally hennaed up before she left! We spent a lovely afternoon chatting and hennaing away. The pieces shown in the main photo here took about two hours to do all together – an hour for the leg (with some stretch breaks), 45 minutes for the more complex hand, and 15 minutes for the simpler hand.

Here’s a closeup of one of her hands:

Moroccan HEnna Fusion - Henna by Heather

Moroccan Henna Fusion – Henna by Heather

While we were doing this hand, she reminded me of a neat trick she had taught me a few years ago. The little mini flowers near her wrist were done using her quick dot flower method . Do the row of dots in the center first, then add the two rows of two dots on either side! It results in beautiful symmetry without thinking too hard.