There were three major sounds I kept noticing on my walk this week – cars passing, my own feet, and birds. When I think about past walks, all I really remember are the sounds of the birds, probably because that is what is more sonically unique to me. I hear the sounds of my own feet walking so much that usually, I don’t notice them at all. And as far as the passing cars go, I am probably quite willfully not hearing those, as they are not such a pleasant sound, and they are so ubiquitous around the urban environment where I live and spend most of my time. However, when I went to Boston University, we would sit on a park behind the student center, which students love/hatingly referred to as the “BU Beach”, which earned its name because the sounds of cars passing by on the very busy, very fast-moving Storrow Drive below were vaguely reminiscent of ocean waves. As I listen to the recordings, I’m able to appreciate how the sounds of the cars slowly roll in and then back out, much like ocean waves seem to (even though, when you’re on the shore, they really just mostly roll in and then crash).

Anyway, I’m trying to stick to the 100-200 word blog post as assigned, rather than go on and on, as I’m becoming very sensitive to instructors having WAY too much to read for these online classes.

Here are the three audio vignettes – of my walking feet, the birds, and the cars: