I am so excited to finally share the news I have been holding onto for almost a year!!!!!

I AM OFFICIALLY A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! In a physical, printed book you can hold in your hands, as an author/artist contacted by a publishing company as an authority on the subject matter!!!! With three other fantastic henna artists!

I wrote and took the photos for the intro, drew up a bunch of step-by-step motifs you’ll recognize as some of my very most favorites, and did two step-by-step craft projects with professionally shot photos!

Do you know how much it took to hold this inside until the book was actually ready to go????

Well it’s ready!!! And you can pre-order it now!!! Pre-order from me via Artistic Adornment and I will sign your copy and write you a love note inside

It’s coming out May first!

Pre-order your copy (and love note) here: