I went back along the same path through the park I had walked earlier in the week. These are the photographs I took on my walk. It’s interesting how we say we “take” photographs, isn’t it? I wonder who first decided that was the verb that would get used for this art form. Anyway…on with the photos!

Fallen many-branched hero.
White birch semi-circle.
Exceptional tree roots. Plus some people walked by at just the right time,
so that it looked like I did this framing intentionally.
(I sort of did…this is one of like eight of them walking by, to get it just right.)
Lily pads create a neat sort of semi-ordered, soft-edged chaos.
The delicate little clusters…I love them.
One of the two stickered-up monster Valentines / gift tags from day one’s walk still remains.
Up close fairy door.
This dog is obsessed with knowing why I am so interested in this tree, and kept looking back and forth between the tree and me.
This is the same tree the dog was so interested in, as I walked away. The setting sun’s rays add to the impression that it’s probably a magical portal to a fairy land.
Another fairy door in a tree triad. Excellent bark pattern.
Tree womb.
(or tree-trapped, frozen child…)
I never usually walk around the pond counter-clockwise on this side…always clockwise… and look how beautiful it is.
Teensy tiny daisies would be easy to overlook!
This is one of many “look at the garbage all around our otherwise beautiful park” photos I took.
I like the way these cluster together.
Flowers are pretty.
I collected oak galls on day one… This one in the mucky pond was the only intact one that I saw again on day two. (lower right)
This is where the groundhog was on my first walk.
I really enjoy the texture of this bark.