Week 3: Sights + Sounds

This week, I took my normal walk through the park, this time focusing on both the sights and sounds around me simultaneously. I recorded these three short videos that feature prominent man-made landmarks within the park…including the fences and the farm animals kept inside them (no groundhog this time – goats and ducks out in full force). The best parts were when I heard the exact same sounds I was featuring in my sound recordings – namely cars driving by making their wave-like sounds and my feet walking along the ground – and was then able to also capture the visual that went along with them. Notably, on this week’s walk, the insects were much louder than the birds! I always find the presence of these giant, silent pieces of weaponry / war equipment quite disquieting… no matter how whimsically they may be painted to look like jacks instead of tank traps), or how many families take photos on the canon.