Project Description

This henna for my friend Rani of Unravel Blessings took about 1.5 hours, because we were super chatty. Less chatting and it’s more like 1 hour.  I kind of dig the asymmetry of having one hand much more filled with henna than the other! And the gilding. Gotta love the golden pearl gilding.

If you would like to take your henna experience to the next level and incorporate beautiful ritual that helps you, contact Rani! She knows how to make experiences magical.

Also – she’s officially a hand model now! Not just for henna, but for other things too, like beautiful, artful rings.

From her page:

Unwinding ourselves in order to find the sacred within. Creating blessing ceremonies for life’s transitions

I want to help bring ritual back into our lives and in the process help you to define your community. Ceremonies can be held for any transition in your life where extra support is needed. I think it’s important to let the people in our lives know we need support and to gather together those people so that they can share their wisdom and love. Mother’s blessings, Father’s blessings, House blessings, My kid body is changing blessings, blessings for loss, Wedding blessings…..

Here it is sized square for Instagram etc 🙂

Rani's bold hand henna with gilding - Henna by Heather

Rani’s bold hand henna with gilding – Henna by Heather