As you get ready for festival season, you’ll want to think about what you need in your booth. A question that comes up quite often on the Henna Gathering facebook group is “what do I need to bring with me for a festival?”…

Well here, you go! This is my own personal checklist for when I pack up my car for festivals.

Henna Festival Booth Packing List

Cooler / ice packs
Cash box
$100 change in $1, $5, and $10
Tip jars
Square (in Square Armor)
Smart Phone
Phone charger
Camera – charged battery, emptied card
Mini scissors
Paper towels
Alcohol swabs
Business cards / Aftercare cards
Chairs – 2 per artist, 1 per helper
Festival books
Portfolio book
Rug if muddy area
Tent weights & nitze figure 9 hooks
Tent stakes
Banners (all 4 sides, stand-up)
Bungee Cords
Duct Tape
Tent Tape
Side walls
Half walls
Tabletop signs
Postcard holders
Sign Weights
Boat Battery / Charger / Inverter (or your other light powering stuff)
Sharpie + pen with good clip
Price stickers
Sun block, sun hat
Change of clothes for multi day fest

Day of reminders:
(put a post-it note on the inside of the door you will leave from in the morning!)
Ice in cooler
Lunches, snacks, drinks

Post-COVD addendum:

-two huge bottles of hand sanitizer, with spare/extra in reserve
-portable handwashing station (for me, as I can’t sanitize my hands allllll day long or they’ll be a dry, cracked wreck…as well as for any customer who wants to use it)
-water for handwashing station
-disinfectant cleaning spray + paper towels (cuz you never know?)
-small garbage can (to be HIDDEN somehow, so clients don’t start putting their stuff in it too)
-new and improved banner(s??) encouraging contactless design selection choices
-easily wiped clean bamboo placements for clients’ hands (so as not to wreck the finish on my awesome custom henna-doing tables, which I want to continue to use)
-POS system
-face shields for artists and booth helpers – not because I think we will NEED them anymore, but because we have them, and if people at a particular event are extra crowd-y and anti-mask-y and ignoring our protocols, it’s better to backup stuff on hand just in case
-even more bungee cords than in the past, properly sized for new contactless design selection choice banner