This henna was done for one of my favorite clients, Sarah Miller, who I have helped design a permanent tattoo for as well, and have done henna on a bunch of times at this point. This was for, as you can see, HER WEDDING!!! Yay! She had a wedding logo designed by a talented graphic design student who she just happened to meet in her travels. She put it in EVERYTHING, so of course we put it in her henna as well 🙂 The feel is a bit bohemian, a bit Moroccan, and all Sarah.

All the bridesmaids got henna that corresponded to hers, and most included the wedding logo as well. Her groom also got henna – perhaps I will have a photo of that to share with you here some day too 🙂

I love how the one friend who wasn’t able to be there for the mehndi night itself managed to find hand jewelry that so perfectly matched the overall vibe of the henna.