This lemon-sugar how-to was written for Lisa of Michigan! I also have said I might get around to making a YouTube video…but for now, here are some typed-up how-to instructions for you.

What you need:
-bottled lemon juice (or squeezed, strained lemon juice if you want to be fancy…which I never do)
-sugar (just plain cane table sugar)
-a 32 oz plastic beverage cup
-a small funnel

What you’ll want:
lemongrass and sweet orange oil blend (to give it a super-charged citrus smell)
-a spray bottle (picking the right one can take tons of trial and error – so here is a link to mine, to save you time!)

The instructions to do it exactly the way I do:

1. Put 1 part sugar and 2 parts lemon juice into a big plastic cup – the kind you get from McDonalds, 7-11, and the like. You’ll see why this is important later.

AUGUST 2014 EDIT: We now make the lemon sugar with equal parts lemon juice and sugar. Our new and improved spray bottle seems to be able to handle the thicker mixture just fine, and the thicker syrup is stickier on the skin and seems to work better to keep the henna on.

2. Mix together fairly well.

3. Microwave for 2 minutes for one of those cups halfway full with lemon-sugar solution. More or less time for larger or smaller quantities.

4. Mix together a bit more.

5. Add a few drops of lemongrass and sweet orange oil (very little!!) just until the scent is pleasant.

6. Bend the edge of the plastic cup so it makes a nice pouring spout. This will be easier to do now that the plastic is warm and slightly softer.

7. Use the funnel to pour lemon sugar solution into your spray bottles.

8. Spray your lemon-sugar sealant on from about 5″ away from your henna once it has dried. Consider “poofing” cosmetic grade glitter for henna¬†onto the design after it has been sealed.

Want to see what consistency the lemon-sugar seal should be, and get a great, tested, much-loved-by-me spray bottle at the same time? Consider buying a bottle of lemon-sugar spray ready to use