FYI, there’s what seems to be a book-by-txt scam out there for entertainers / henna artists.

“This is —- how are you doing ?, i will like to know your availability day in September, 2015 just 5 hours service, i will like you to get back to me with your availability day in September its a family reunion party…i will like you to text me back Asap. Do you accept credit card payment?”

Uh-huh. Thanks for the effort, dude, txting from a txt-only number and forgetting to actually fill in the date. Way to pretend to play down the 5 hour booking like it’s no big deal, when you know damned well that is more than average and the average henna artist might get excited about it. And good job with jumping into payment method before you know the actual cost – every real client totally always does that.

I give you a D- in the art of scamming.

(Name redacted in case SOMEHOW this guy is real, which he is not.)

Here’s where to report unwanted/scammy text messages: