Here’s the Dungeon and Dragons Demogorgon / Demodog monster from Stranger Things. It’s not too often that I get to do horror themed henna… but when a young lady comes up to you wanting Mystery Henna ™ wearing a stranger things tshirt, super smudgy black eyeliner, and black skull leggings…. you ask her if she wants “that monster from Stranger Things” (accompanied by hand motions that look like chomping with a giant toothy flower for a head, to the degree that’s possible)… And the answer was a very chillaxed yes. But oh, my minime of yesteryear, I saw you being SUPER DUPER EXCITED to show it to your friends later when you thought no one was watching 🙂 Happy to be of service. We were both amused that it is a Demogorgon / Demodog while still sort of pretending to be a pretty standard henna design. All around win.