Project Description

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at doing scratchboard again, long after a semi-successful bout of it with ink on clayboard back when I took a pen and ink drawing class maybe a decade ago. The only scratch art I did between then and now was some silly post-it sized doodles on rainbow scratch art pad pages that my Mom got for me to play with.

I had also been wanting to draw up some cool moth inspired henna designs, as I see moths becoming increasingly popular in art and surface design these past few years.

The two desires came together, and I created a series of three moth scratchboard pieces. This is the first. The other two are on my Instagram.

National Moth Week Art - Black and White Luna Moth Design

This Luna Moth, shared for National Moth Week, is done on scratchboard, with mehndi / henna style patterns in the upper wings and creepy eyeballs in the lower wings. A moon and some lotus flowers balance out the design.