I’ve been lucky enough to do my henna art on Martha’s Vineyard (particularly for the Midsummer Faerie Festival in Oak Bluffs). When visiting there, I, like so many others who visit there, fell in love with the adorable Victorian “gingerbread houses”. This winter, shortly after helping my friend Penni of TheHennaFaerie.com build her website, I was reminded of my visit there and the faeries I encountered. The two most salient images in my mind from that visit were of the fairies who I encountered and these beautiful cottages. Both come together to create a feeling of a magical world. It’s a world much like our own, but just a little more special -a little more colorful.

And while I have done my fair share of henna for faeries and helped to capture those images… I had not yet done anything to capture the magic of these adorable gingerbread houses. And thus, this winter, I sat down and sought to remedy that. And so I present to you…. my Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard gingerbread house drawing 🙂