I’m so excited to be able to do your henna again!!! I am writing today to share that I am now fully vaccinated, and thus ready to do your henna!

I am sticking primarily to individual appointments, for the time being, as those are still the safest while we wait for enough others to be vaccinated that we get to that much-awaited herd immunity.

The normal booking minimums will still apply – typically two hours, depending on location etc.
I’m guessing this means I will mostly be doing bridal henna, prenatal henna, large-scale tattoo planning, and other celebrations of big life events.
But heck – getting back to some semblance of normal life *IS* a big life event, so if you want to book a session for no other reason other than you haven’t had henna for WELL over a year now, I am VERY happy to do that as well!

I DO feel good enough about how things are going that I am currently taking bookings for parties and other events starting in July. We might be able to do parties even sooner – I sure hope so! But for right now, I can put you on the books for any date in/after July.

Things I’m looking Forward To:

  • Festivals!!! omg some might actually happen!
  • Coffee/Tea Shop Appointments
    (I’m thinking Brooklyn Tea House in Providence some of the time, and Starbucks in Attleboro at other times… do you have any better ideas?? The ideal is a cozy-yet-spacious place where I get to know the owners and we help each other out with cross promotion, like back in the day at Feels Like Ohm, Erin’s Perfect Cup, or Seven Arrows)
  • Weddings and private parties starting in hopefully July!
  • Henna at some gallery shows of my photos???
    (as I will graduating from the RISD Photography Certificate program this May, and I have had to come up with a body of work for it…and OBVIOUSLY all the photos are of henna)
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Ways all of my wonderful clients have helped me during these hard times that I want to thank you again for:

  • Buying henna-styled masks
  • Getting virtual henna, which we both know was just you being super nice to me
  • Liking and commenting on my photos on Instagram and Facebook, which helped me feel like my art was still being seen and appreciated
  • Sending donations via my under-promoted PayPal.me link (despite my extreme hesitancy to share it very often)
  • Inquiring about getting henna done even when I couldn’t do it for well over a year – it has helped me keep faith alive that my business would indeed survive / be reborn!
  • Writing nice reviews in all the review-ish places (Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook), so that my business can be found by other lovely people looking for henna, too!

I am so grateful to each and every person who still checks my blog, or stayed on my email list, because they were still interested in henna, and knew there would be a day when I would be able to do henna again. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you.