This design is inspired by my new favorite outfit – an Indian wool salwar kameez set with Persian inspired patterning. The design takes inspiration from the motifs on the fabric, but also from the structure of the motifs themselves. There are strongly outlined borders, large focal motifs, and swirling repetitive patterns in all the “extra” space. The texture of the weaving that comes from how the weft threads meet the warp threads was also interesting to me, so I have tried to convey some of that as well – especially where you see the lightly scratched-in diagonal lines and stippling. Indian and Persian designs are some of my favorites, so this Indian Persian henna┬áhad to happen ­čÖé

This design is going to be fun to two-tone.
I will be putting a video of the process of drawing and two-toning it soon – once the color develops and it is ready to two-tone.

You can find this Indian Persian henna combo design and all my other videos on my henna video YouTube channel.