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  • Keeping Henna On - Henna Aftercare Overnight - Tape, Wrap, Lemon Sugar, Heat

Keeping Henna On Overnight: Tape, Plastic Wrap, or ?

Dear Heather,

Do you have any recommendations for keeping henna on overnight? I’ve been […]

  • Stranger Things Demogorgon Mandala Monster Henna Horror Retro

Stranger Things Demogorgon / Demodog Henna Tattoo Design

Here’s the Dungeon and Dragons Demogorgon / Demodog monster from Stranger Things. It’s […]

Etsy Strike April 2022

I made this graphic to support the Etsy Strike of April 11-18, 2022, […]

Henna Artists – Here’s the Perfect Online Gig/Client Booking System!

I’ve tried a LOT of different ways of booking clients.