I’ve been watching All American Muslim a bit. I like the show a lot so far. I like that it shows a wide variety of people with a wide range of perspectives on their religion. I think it is a good show and am so far pretty happy with the portrayal they are presenting. I’m not Muslim, but as someone who is not but has a best friend who is, I find the show respectful and thought-provoking.

And now for why I am actually posting this in my henna blog. I thought that Dearborn, Michigan would be an AMAZING place to be a henna artist. With all of the big Arab weddings, there must be a lot of henna going on! A lot of competition for gigs that makes the artists strive to be excellent to stand out! Right? Well, maybe not. Or maybe there is so much henna going on that no one sees fit to advertise at all. Or maybe everyone gets henna from family, and the idea of hiring a professional henna artist is not something that comes to people’s minds. But anyway, a Google search for “henna Dearborn Michigan” (even “henna Detroit”!) actually yields no first-page search results for actual artist homepages. I found this really surprising! So, I’m posting this blog in hopes that maybe a henna artist in Dearborn might see it. I’d love to hear about your experiences, and learn if you think the portrayal of your town on this show is an accurate and good one.

And if somehow people start to find this blog post when doing a search for henna in Dearborn, I do know some excellent artists who are elsewhere in Michigan, and would be happy to recommend them 🙂