Henna and staying the recommended 6 feet apart just don’t match… so I can’t henna you right now.

Here’s what I’ve been up to instead:

I’m taking some classes at RISD. One of them is on Walking as Creative Practice, and posting to our blog is an important part of the class, so I’ve dedicated part of my blog to that here.

Some people have asked where they can share some love in the form of cash-money to help keep me going since the henna season for 2020 is completely decimated, and all the festivals are cancelled… so for those folks, I will share that:
My PayPal is here
-My Venmo is @HennaByHeather and my phone # ends in 6301

I’ve been making face masks with henna-style designs on them. This is my friend (also named Heather), who was one of the first two people to order one. You can get yours here.

I’ve also been doing Virtual Henna for people who would love to get the real thing, but can’t right now. It makes a really amusing and unique souvenir of these strange times we’re in.
You can get one too!

Now is also a great time to poke around the galleries, blog, and other parts of the website were I’ve got photos and info all around 🙂 If there’s anything you wish was here but you don’t see, please let me know!

Two hands decorated in henna designs that includes sacred geometry, vines, jhumkas, reverse negative / flood filled lotus, and solid fingertips.
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Henna by Heather offers professional henna artist services,

providing mehndi for weddings, festivals, and all types of events. Based between Boston MA and Providence RI, Heather also travels worldwide to teach henna and adorn brides and guests at destination weddings.
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