How can I use henna to raise funds for my organization?

Heather and her team work very fast. A design that fetches $38 in a festival setting can be done in about 5 minutes by anyone on our team. So, 12 x $38 = $456 worth of henna we can do per hour. Subtract our hourly rate from that, and your organization is still left with a big chunk of change to keep for your future operating costs and other fundraising needs!

If your crowd is more of a $12 per design crowd, we can do 30 such designs in an hour, bringing in $320/hr for your group and still netting you a nice margin to keep for your organization.

As you can see, the higher a price you can fetch for each design, the more you can bring in for your organization. This is because about 30 seconds is spent with each person just having them sit in the chair, seeing what design they’ve chosen, and giving them aftercare instructions. Also, once we get in the groove of drawing a design, making it bigger and fancier is easier than starting a whole new design.

We find that the $35-40 mark is the sweet spot for most small events with adults, where people in attendance know about the henna in advance and many plan on getting it done, having budgeted knowing that it’s available. The best type of henna fundraising event to plan when bringing in the funds is the main goal is a smaller, more intimate one with about 24-36 people to get henna done in 2-3 hours.

Clients have had success in fetching as much as $50 and even $200+ per person when offering a 10 minute henna design if the event is *ALL* about fancy henna for a very small select group of people, and you also offer appetizers and beverages.

If your event has more of a festival feel, and you’d like people to choose their own designs from our standard festival books, those range anywhere from $12-$90 per design. A lot of time can tend to get lost while people choose their designs, so we don’t really recommend this model when bringing in dollars is goal #1.

Meeting maximal fundraising goals depend on a few things:

-You provide a good working area. There is ample light. There is a square/rectangular table that is standard kitchen table height, and no one is leaning on it and shaking it. There are two standard height chairs per artist working.

-You take responsibility for tending to the line that might develop, and make sure that the next person for henna is always ready to go as soon as it’s their turn.

-This means having a volunteer man a line, or two volunteers manning a sign-up list (one to take sign-ups, a second to go fetch whoever’s turn it is if they’re not nearby)

-You get lots of henna-wanting people there! Tell everyone in your community that there will be henna, and show them some of our photos of what they can expect to get. Put it on facebook, put it on your blog, put it in your mailing list, make up flyers to post around not only your organization but throughout the community.
Once we know your time/price point, we’ll be happy to provide images you can use. We’ll even create a flyer for you at no additional cost.