Event Henna

When choosing henna for the guests, consider how many guests you’ll have present, and what you have available to budget for their henna.

5 Minutes Each:
Our standard event henna is 5 minutes (12 per hour). This allows for each person to get an authentic and traditional, but relatively simple, design on one hand. This is the norm at 80% of the events we do.

Time to plan: for 5 minute designs, 12 guests per hour per artist

up to 24 guests: 2 hours with 1 artist
25-36 guests: 3 hours with 1 artist
37-48 guests: 4 hours with 1 artist, or 2 hours with 2 artists
49-60 guests: 5 hours with 1 artist, or 2.5 hours with 2 artists
61-72 guests: 3 hours with 2 artists, or 2 hours with 3 artists
73-84 guests: 3.5 hours with 2 artists, or 2.5 hours with 3 artists.

Here are some examples of designs that take 5 minutes each:
Mehndi Ceremony Flower Henna DesignHenna Rose for Parties - 5 min - Henna by Heatherhenna_moon_stars_geometric_design_blue_hand_MAhenna_hand_good_placement_flower

10 Minutes Each:

If you’d like guests to be able to get both hands done with designs like those above, or if you’d like them to be able to get a more intricate design like these on just one hand, you’ll want to book closer to 10 minutes per guest:
New and Unique Peacock Henna Design ShapeHenna Mandala and Cuffhenna_temporary_tattoo_mandala_swirls_red_newport_jazz_festivalHenna Path of Life "Celtic" Symbol with Infinity Sign

Double the time estimates above to determine how much time / how many artists you should book.

20 Minutes Each:

With fewer guests, we can spend more time with each! Here are some examples of the kinds of work we can do when we have 20 minutes per person:

Henna Cuff and Ring with FlowerIndo-Persian Fusion Henna DesignLace Glove Henna - fishnet effectHenna Sun Design for Side of HandFessi Moroccan Henna Fusion Design



Do you have a really large event?

We have a team of up to 12 artists available!
Want designs to suit a particular theme?

We’re happy to customize designs to suit any theme. Some of our most popular themes are Arabian Nights (Arabic style henna), Bollywood (Indian style mehndi), and Moroccan (Fessi and Marakechi henna).