Here are some images for you to use!

Rather than spend way too much time raging against the injustice that is image theft, I’ve decided to provide a few images that I ENCOURAGE YOU to use in your own blog / project / collection of henna images / etc, and let you know what use would be okay!

You can use the images on this page (but not other pages on the site!) for commercial and non-commercial purposes alike so long as:

1) You always link back to online, and prominently include the text “Henna by” next to the photo in all cases.
It would be nice if you also give Heather a heads up that you’ve used these! If it’s something cool, perhaps we’ll feature it in a blog post and link back to you!
In legalese: Attribution, as explained above, is my only licensing requirement for this specific and limited catalog of images on this page, including for commercial purposes, for any uses, with the exception of uses as defined in 2.

2) You never use them to represent the work of another henna artist.
For example:
-You may not use them in your own henna portfolio. Definitely a big ol’ no on that.
-If you haven’t hired Heather for your event, you can’t use these photos to be generic “Yay – look , we’re doing henna!” announcements for that event; using these images would too strongly imply that she will be there. The henna artist who *will* be at your event should be happy to provide some of their own photos for promotional purposes.

Do you need unwatermarked images, or want permission to use photos on the site other than the ones on this page?
Wondering if your use is allowed by the policies written on this page? Best to err on the side of caution. Contact us and we’ll talk about it!

Here are the images – click for larger versions.

YES, these permission-granted-in-advance images have slight variations from other versions that have gotten out without permission granted in the past… so I will know that *you* are among the people who are doing the right thing when I see it with proper links etc intact.