Project Description

This simple henna design with happy little open paisleys was done for my friend and fellow henna artist Melissa. We were rolling cones for hours upon end, and only remembered right as we were leaving that I had meant to do some henna for her!

So the goal was to do fellow-artist-worthy henna really, really fast. We banged this puppy out in about 5-10 minutes 🙂 It heavily utilizes the formula I shared in this video – just add happy little open paisleys, add a ring, do some fingertip stuff, change the angle so it’s straight…and voila!

This video from 2011 is strong evidence that practice makes better. I like my swirls much better now!

People are often asking me for huge designs that there’s no way I could do in the time we’ve got (ie at a party with 5 minutes per person, people will show me gorgeous designs that took 30 minutes or even an hour or more to do)… So it is my not-so-secret hope that perhaps this one will catch on in popularity, and maybe they’ll ask for stuff like this instead 🙂 It’s fast, pretty, and simple. We can cover lots of space in a short amount of time with this sort of design…. Pssst, every teen who comes to my table with photos on your phone…check this one out 🙂

Help make this dream happen and pin this photo? 🙂