Project Description

This henna sun design was done at a birthday party where we were lucky enough to have almost 20 minutes per person, the first 2-3 of which we spent doing a consultation and the last 2-3 of which we spent sharing tips for taking for cool photos. So this is about a 15 minute design…but I’ve classed it with the 20s since that’s how long it took to come up with the original concept and capture the photo as well 🙂

It turns out the extra thought and effort put into coming up with original concepts and getting good photos was totally worth it! The girls got endless compliments from their friends and had huuuge numbers of likes on their henna photos on social media, and this one design was even featured as one of the top 16 in-demand henna designs of 2014 on!

Allow 20 minutes per person for what are actually 15 minute designs at your party and you too can have henna this fab and potentially famous 🙂 Portaits and/or group photos taken by your henna artist who just happens to have RISD photography training sent to your email are included in the cost of your party, if you’d like them.

This design was actually such a big deal that it became the cover of my festival design book published in the second half of 2014, Festival Henna Fusion Favorites 🙂

Festival Henna Fusion Favorites

Festival Henna Fusion Favorites