Project Description

Henna Roses are very popular!

People ask for roses in their henna a *lot*. After years of trying to figure out a rose style that I liked doing that was also fast *and* quite unmistakably was a rose, I finally settled on this.

This photo was taken when I got my first DSLR camera and was experimenting with angles. I was doing henna at the RI Kids’ Consignment Sale. and things were a bit slow, so after drawing the henna rose design, I had some time to experiment with the photography.

The glitter you see here is my favorite kind – whether you want to call it holographic, opalescent, or prismatic, the key thing is that it shimmers with many different colors, but doesn’t have any opaque color itself. The newest incarnation of this glitter that I’ve found is Artistic Adornment’s Ziggy Star Dust. I carry this one glitter in my henna kit everywhere I go.

Here’s a closeup of lots of the Ziggy Star Dust glitter on a tiny little henna flower, for fun 🙂

Here are some other henna roses I’ve done in the past – but none quite so frequently as the 5 minute rose that appears here first 🙂

Best Dragon Henna Design with Rose

Best Dragon Henna Design with Rose