Project Description

This pegasus holding a firey lotus blossom was on the walls of Pan Thai restaurant in Hopkinton, MA, where I had lunch after a gig at the high school library yesterday. As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to henna it!!! I tried Googling “Thai Pegasus” and so very little came up… But when I started looking around for symbolism of a winged horse in Asian culture more generally, this is the most promising lead I’ve found so far, from Symbolism of Animals in Buddhism by Ven. Jampa Choskyi:

“The so called “Wind-Horse” symbolic of the mind the mind its vehicle the wind, can be ridden upon. That means that we have the possibility of controlling the mind and wind and guide it towards any direction and at any speed that we wish.”

The rest of the design is inspired by Thai ceramics, including both carved terra cotta pottery and fine glazed, painted porcelain.