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What is Virtual Henna?:

Virtual Henna allows henna artists to connect with their clientelle, even when one or both of them are unable to meet up in person. Although it began as a silly notion to celebrate (or at least make the best of) what we love-hatingly referred to as Everything is Cancelled Month (March through April, 2020, as COVID-19 hits the hardest in the US), it has become so much more. (It is now going on Everything is Cancelled SEASON…and for this reason, your Virtual Henna artist needs your support all the more.)

It’s a way for us to still maintain a fun little bit of social interaction in the face of all of the isolation that comes from social distancing and quarantining. As henna artists, we all relish the sense of human connection and community that comes from helping people celebrate life and love, by sitting with each person we decorate one-on-one.
Virtual Henna is a way to “sit with” your henna artist for a moment. It is a way to have your humanity seen and appreciated by another human being, who is there to help you develop a new sense of appreciation for just how beautiful you already are.
But mostly, it is a joke, and a way you can support your favorite unexpectedly-out-of-work henna artist 🙂

How Virtual Henna works:

  • Send your artist a photo of your hand, along with any requests for what to put in your design, and your payment.
  • They’ll send you a henna design drawn onto the photo of your hand.
  • You get to support the arts and get a really unique artifact from these very strange times we are living in to share with others down the road when you look back. (Don’t forget to print it out!)

Are You a Henna Artist?

Getting listed on our international Virtual Henna artist list is a free service while COVID-19 is raining on all of our parades, cancelling all of our festivals and postponing all the weddings.
To get listed, please use Instagram or Facebook to send us your information as you’d like it listed in this format:
Full name – website (where your portfolio can be viewed)
area you usually serve in person
How you would like people to contact you for virtual henna

The Tools:

If you’re wondering what tools we’re using to create Virtual Henna, here’s the list:
Procreate Henna Cone brush
iPad – 2019-2020 generation, 10.2″ (This exact one. Not iPad Pro – it is actually *too* sensitive to do smooth lines just like a henna cone…and older iPads aren’t quite sensitive enough. This one is goldilocks – juuuust right.)
Apple Pencil (First generation. Second generation a) doesn’t work with the basic/cheap iPad you need and b) is too sensitive anyway, and you’ll see hand shakes.)
Procreate software

You want these tools, specifically, to get the best henna-cone-like feel.
If you’ve got other versions of these tools, this Procreate Henna Cone brush will still work…but after trying all possible combos of available iPad generations (not to mention all other tablets etc) at BestBuy for like two hours (oh, they just love us 🙂 ), this is the proper combo to get just enough sensitivity that you see enough changes in pressure to really look like henna, without any hand shaking transferring into the process too much and making your line shakier than it would’ve been if you were using henna. (Real henna has a way of holding itself together in a solid line – and so does the line created by this unique combination of tools.)
If you’re going to buy from Amazon, please do us a solid and use these affiliate links…if you shop around a bit and conclude that yup, we sent you to the best option, please come back and click here and then buy. It costs you nothing and helps us a lot 🙂

“Virtual Henna” and “Virtual Bridal Henna” are trademarks of Henna by Heather. Henna artists are granted a license to use these terms through the end of the 2020 COVID-19 social distancing / quarantining is done, to promote their own Virtual Henna work.