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Dye Release Times for Different Henna Powders

It has come to my attention that there is precious little information out […]

The Henna Artist: Designs inspired by the book by Alka Joshi

Meeting Alka Joshi

I had the pleasure of meeting and […]

Walking as Creative Practice: Sights and Sounds (Video)

Week 3: Sights + Sounds

This week, I took my normal walk through the […]

Walking Sonic Meditations

There were three major sounds I kept noticing on my walk this week […]

Walking as Creative Practice – Photographic Revisit

I went back along the same path through the park I had walked […]

Walking as Creative Practice – And So It Begins

I go on walks quite often. It’s my main form of exercise – […]

Thriving Artist Book Club: Know Your Value

First posted on blog and facebook: December 21, 2019
Announced via email: Monday, December […]

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