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Thriving Artist Book Club: Know Your Value

First posted on blog and facebook: December 21, 2019
Announced via email: Monday, December […]

  • Dear Heather - Henna Artist Advice

Dear Heather – Do I Need Insurance to Do Henna?

Dear Heather,

I’ve got a confession. […]

  • Dear Heather - Henna Artist Advice

Troubleshooting Your Henna Batch – Not Getting Good Henna Stain Color?

Dear Heather,

I’m having trouble getting my henna batch to stain like I’d like.

I’m a professional […]

  • Rosie the Privateer - Rosie the Riveter as a Pirate

Rosie the Riveter – as a Pirate!

Meet Rosie the Privateer! You can think of her as Rosie the Riveter – as […]

Protected: Week 1 – The Business of Henna

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password […]

“The Periwig” by The Dandy Highwaymen

lyrics by Peter Nulton (and Alexander Pope)


Twere ‘bout three years ago

In the […]

  • Rainbow Brite Henna design with Twinkle and stars - www.HennaByHeather.com

Rainbow Brite Henna – ’80s Nostalgia Time!

As a child of the ’80s, I have loved Rainbow Brite forever. I was her […]

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